Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say I Love You

I never thought I'd feel this way, about one single person, and you'll probably never feel the same, as much as I do about your name. So much love my heart is holding, But still you don't even know, I'll give my all for you but why do I stay so low? I'll give until there's nothing left, Until my last breath Oh I'll die for you, I'll be here for you Oh I wish you could see, my love for you is more than I can hold, I'll tell you anything you might know, I'm there for you, Always watching you, I'm so in love to just walk away From the one I love today, Please don't ever leave I have to see your face everyday to live Oh I can't survive without you For there's only one thing I can do... and that is... To say I Love You...

This is for you my love


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