Monday, June 21, 2010

I am so proud to be my thaththa's loku doni..

Every time you try to give the  best thing to me devani, chooti and malla....and I remember how  you tried  me to write an alphabet in neatly.Aaa was the difficult letter for me to write in sinhala  and u tried me to write it many many times i remember when u asked me to come to do some lessons with u i was running behind amma .....ur handwrtting were so nice round and clear bcus of  that  me too tried to immitate urs.and  when i was in nursery school it's u always go with me there morning n  wen nursery is near u wanted to comb my hair though i combed it in home or not.u wanted my hair to comb with a straight line there.most of the people say my hair should be comb in side style but still i am trying to comb my hair like that you combed .and after the nursery u come to  our class room n talk  with sister kathy about me. while other students' parent only come to gate of the convent.then until i started to go to  school by school van i went school with wanted me to do everything at right time neatly and cleanly.if i got late to wear you were shouting.i remember one day my leg went through the sporke of bike and i fainted.that  when i was in grade 2. you got scared and while in a faintish mood i rememer your confused voise.and then u took me to doctor and he said nothing to worry just have tetanus injection.but remember  u asked me hw r u hw r u until passed  2 or 3 months of that incident.then from garde 4 i started to go to school by van.but u din allow me to go to road lonely.though u have many many  work in the morning you came to road with me .and after the school you came at school to take me where the school van was parked.cause you got afrad i would miss it.and you never missed any of parent's meeeting any prize giving for every new term, for every prize giving there were new clothes, new shoes ,socks, tie, uniforms, new bags and many more...i never cryied for anything cus if i asked u to bring anything ,next minute the very best thing of that was on my hand,and you never let us to go anywhere lonley sometime when i walking some where lonly now i remember those days.The worst day in my life is heard that you got cardiacarrest.i remember how we amma and we 4 spent those was like a hell.amma was in a tottaly out of mood but she was strong at that moment .those days we learnt how to do our things by ourselves .but felt unsafety arond us cus u were not around us.i remember those night we did not get much sleep.but after u got ok again any tutuion class you were there to pick me home.if you can't come, you asked me to wait until you come.and when i was studying in mid nights suddnely u wake up and preparing me a tea  and staying with me not only u amma also...soemdays i remember you have to wake up around 3.30am to bring me classes.until 9 or 10 am den u did not get much time to sleep cus you have to pick me after the class.and when  i got  some classes in colombo in week ends it was you who came with me .Ooops it was 3am we had to wake up then u were doing religious things and coming with me.when in train we both were sleeping I know it was so hard don't like to stay  any of us away from the house.if amma or we go outside for a some thing for a while u 4n us  everytime and asks where  r u?and come soon.even nw though  i am away frm home ,u 4n me twise or thrice for a day n ask wt u doing baba?whr r u?had meal?and some time our  talks are 1 hr 2 hr long never ask me what is going around me.but you are watching me.observing me silently, if something gonna wrong  you said baba don't do this n that.You showed me the world and you taught me how to cope with them.if there is something good, people see through me that is from you and both sacrify your whole life for me devani chooti and malla.If I am going to write about my thaththa i know I can write many more blogs since there are many many things I shared with him.I know i am so lucky girl cause I got the best dad in the world,I am so proud to be my thaththa's loku doni..

I Love You  Loads My Thaththa.....there is no one in this world  like mage thaththaa....



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