Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ඔබටත් You May Be A Victim Of Software Counterfeiting, This Copy Of යන්න ලෑබුනාද?

ඔබටත් You May Be A Victim Of Software Counterfeiting, This Copy Of යන්න ලෑබුනාද?එසේ නම් කල යුත්තේ මෙයයි.ෆයිලය බාගන්න.
එම ෆයිලය මත right click කරගන්න.ඉන් පසු එය extract කරගන්න
ඉන්පසු Make Genuine" registry file එම ෆයිලය මත දෙවරක් click කරන්න.
ඉන්පසුව එන ඩයලොග් කවුලු සියල්ල ok කරන්න.
ඉන්පසුව "Diagnostic tool" මත දෙවරක් click කර ඔබගේ පරිගනක මෙහෙයුම් පද්දතියේ නව status පරීක්ශා කරන්න.
මෙහි කිසිම වයිරසයක් අන්තර්ගත නෑති බව සහතිකයි


ශාකුන්තල said...

Well, I got rid of the same thing with real hacker style. Just wrote few lines of code with Visual Basic and executed. And the troublemaker is gone till a fresh installation of Windows XP.

Anyway, those all belong to history. I no longer use Windows. Just came to Linux and enjoying my freedom.

උත්පලා නාගහවත්ත said...

it would be great help if you can share that code in here shakunthala.

ශාකුන්තල said...

I'm very sorry I don't have the code anymore. :(

But I explain how the program should be written.
* Find the process for wga notification. (Use Windows Task Manager)
* Find all files that are part of wga and note them. (Use the query 'wga' at Windows file search)
* Write a loop to kill the wga notification process.
* Write a separate thread or program to delete the wga executable and it's libraries yo have found. This second thread/ program should also have a loop.

Having the process termination and deletion functions on the same loop might not work.

This is what I did, you can use cmd and taskkill with the Shell() function in Visual Basic to do those.

cmd.exe /c "del C:\file.txt" to delete a file (in VB, use Chr$(34) for " )
taskkill /f /im wga.exe to terminate a process

I had to go this much far because I didn't have much experience with the Internet at that time. So I didn't know I that could find a tool over the Internet.

උත්පලා නාගහවත්ත said...

Thank you so much .I'll try for this :-)

deeps said...

අප්පේ, ඔය බ්ලොග් ලියනවා කියල අදනේ ....නියමායි. ඔහොම යං

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