Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tormented heart

well this is not my of my favourite poem.

Tormented heart
It's like art
I thought it was nurtured
but it was tortured

Unfinished song
Hoping that it was long
Other parts will remained on my mind
'Coz I thought you were mine

Misery is clothing me now
And now I had my broken vow
I said that it was forever
But it was now or never

I had my immortal love for you
And the consequence is immortal pain too
Pain is all that I'm feeling now
I want the numbness to rush in my body now

He was taken by the goddess
Indeed, I'm the goddess
The goddess of death and hate
But the goddess of beauty had him now

I can't continue this poem any longer
I wish that I was stronger
I'm hopeless romantic
And my love was pathetic

Sad poems by: Tin Cruz


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