Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am in kind of confusion.i don't know why i felt sad suddnley.

Once upon a fairy tale
Was a girl we all know well
A princess only dreaming of
The hope of finding her true love
Finally everything felt alright
She had a prince to hold each night
They became friends first and there 
Someone to sit by on her throne
No longer was this girl alone
But then on one awful day
He found Snow White and went away
On a horse they waved goodbye
This princess was left to cry
She knew she'd have to live without
The prince she cared so much about
Goodbye to love and all the laughter
Goodbye to happy ever after 

so the princess thought

I love you more every day,
Do you know just how I feel?
Sometimes I wonder what you think.
sometimes I think why I like you this much
Your way into my heart, you did find.
It drives me crazy as to what I should do,
Should I risk a friendship and confess to you?
Or should I keep my feelings inside,
Keep them locked up, let them hide?
I just don't know what to do anymore,
My heart it aches, my heart it's sore.
I love you more than you could know,
And I don't want to ever let you go.
So even if I'm just a friend,
I'll always love you until the end. 

cause Princess was afraid that she will lose her good friend the loving prince 


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! :p !! eka ehema welaawu!!!

Anonymous said...

:-) ehemadaaaa?

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