Friday, June 25, 2010

Poson poya day,
11.12 PM

To my loving Amma and Thaththa,

I just opened the window in this night
The moon is rising over d huge buildings n shone
but dark around me n feel dat im alone
this feelings burns me and brings me d tears
I just close my eyes and the memories take me home.
You and thaththa give me evrything.
it's only you two who understand my needs
but here no one for me
i close my eyes...
wish you would come and call me ma amma
i feel so lonely ....,
I miss thatha miss my amma, miss my sis and my bro
I miss my sweet home
wen i try to make  love for  this loneliness
it getting worse and killing my self
wen u n thaththa call me
I got these words in my head to tell u
but I will never speak out  them
since i know u too will feel sad
n u too miss me alot,
u nvr told me  though ur voice sounds me dat..
there's no way to describe
hw i miss my sweet home..
stil the moon is shining
i feel so lonely ...
bt it's time to close this window..
my sweet home
i miss you....

Yours loving,


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