Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tiny swany is waiting

These days tiny swany is in so so happy mood  cause the black swany in silver lake is  going to fly where the tiny swany is in nah....So tiny swany is crossing her fingers to see her love the black swany after a long long time.The thing is she haven't met  the black swany before in her life silver lake is so so far way from pearl lake it takes so many time to fly there to black swany...Tiny swany  feels so nervouse because she tries to imagine  how it would be  black swany looks like and blah blah blah.....but she knows black swany's voice 
since she has listened to blacky's songs secretly nah....
But at the same time tiny swany feels so so sad ..if anyone going to measure it is like this SAD >HAPPINESS
tiny swany knows that blacky is in angry n disspointed with her since she hurt blacky alot.Most of the time blacky will come to pearl lake n  will visit his friends and will go without meet the tiny swany .But little hope is still smilling with her.What ever happend tiny swany hope for a safe journey to pearl lake  for her loving black swany.She is looking forward to C U.... 


James said...

Could you tell me where you took that image?

James said...

Hi, could you tell me where you took that image?

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